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The developmental edits on my new novel, Hooker Avenue, have been completed. Hooray!!! They've been returned to my publisher, Level Best Books, and now on to the red-lining phase.


And I'm happy to announce that Meryl Moss Media will be joining me again to manage my publicity and marketing. We're going to have a great time in 2022.

                     The Release date for Hooker Avenue is
                                          April 19, 2022! 
Here's a sneak peak of the Book Jacket Copy:
Being a Good Samaritan is hazardous.
Amid a violent Hudson Valley thunderstorm, Jessie Martin discovers a woman lying unconscious in a roadside ditch. The badly beaten victim, Lissie Sexton, a local prostitute, claims she's escaped the attack of a killer.
Jessie's more than a casual driver who passes by; she's a criminal-defense attorney. And Lissie is more than an ordinary hooker. She's the key witness in a cold case under investigation by Jessie's estranged longtime friend, Detective Ebony Jones.
And now Ebony can't find her witness. Jessie's new boss has sent Lissie into hiding. If Jessie reveals Lissie's location she compromises her client, her firm and her professional ethics. If she doesn't, she risks alienating not just Ebony but the entire police department backing her.

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A "Must-Read" - USA Today Network


"The trickly legal maneuvering intrigues...Millman writes with verve." - Publishers Weekly


"An intriguing courtroom thriller" - Top Shelf Magazine


"Witty, smart, and entertaining. An intriguing mix of hopes and fears, where the line between right and wrong blurs into some juicy, legal skullduggery" - Steve Berry, New York Times and #1 International Bestselling Author.


"Jode Millman's THE MIDNIGHT CALL is an impressive debut." - Karen Dionne, USA Today and #1 Bestselling Author


"Jode Millman tackles issues of wealth, power and mental illness - as well as the ability of a woman to speak up in a world designed to suppress her. The powerful ending of this novel dwells in terrifying ambiguities - while leaving the readers with hope that the best lies ahead for a heroine not afraid to answer the midnight call." - Jenny Milchman, USA Today bestselling author and Mary Higgins Clark award winner

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Good News!!

 If you're unable to locate a paperback copy of The Midnight Call at your favorite bookseller and would like to purchase an autographed copy, please contact me at jodesusanmillman@gmail.com.

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