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The Writer's Law School : Legal Tips for Writers

Praise for The Writer's Law School

"As Program Coordinator for the Chappaqua Library I have worked with many lecturers over my career.  Jode Millman stands out.  Her workshop Writers Law School was a clear, concise explanation for debut authors and previously published authors.  Everyone was able to walk away with important accurate and relevant information.  I heartily recommend her." Joan Kuhn, Program Coordinator, Chappaqua Library
"Jode Millman presented a fabulous webinar for the Women's Fiction Writers Association (WFWA) on protecting your artistic rights as a writer/author. Members were engaged and found the information so valuable. They said that it was practical and yet not boring! As a lawyer and writer myself, that gave me a chuckle. Jode indeed made the topic interesting and enjoyable. Bravo!" ~ Lisa Montanaro, Webinar Program Leader & Host for WFWA
"It was a great pleasure to share the screen with you...and everyone I spoke with praised your presentation.  We all learned!  Thank you again." - Anne Seifert, Co-President, Smith College Club of Orange County
"As teacher authors who write books for Spanish and French language learners, we have only anecdotal information mostly from our teaching careers, about copyrights.  As teachers we made photocopies for our students for "educational purposes".  As authors, we needed a concise, clear explanation of copyrights and how to protect them and had already received multiple streams of misinformation from attorneys and other authors.  This presentation was exactly what we needed.  We submitted questions specific to our genre and industry and, not only did Jodé stay to answer them all, she had already incorporated most of our questions into her presentation in advance, tailoring for what we needed.  What she saved us in time and money is priceless.   If you are a small publishing company, you need to hire Jodé Millman.  If you are a self-published author, you need her workshop.  If you are considering signing a publishing contract, you need this workshop.   It's not legal advice.  It is the next best thing." Karen Rowan, Command Performance Books
"In just an hour, Jode managed to distill copyright and trademark law into easily understood guidelines for writers! This was an indispensable workshop for new and aspiring writers as they attempt to navigate the sometimes confusing journey to publication." Erika Hill, Provo City Library
"The Writer's Law Workshop was a great session and covered so much more than just the basics of copyright. This workshop is a must for anyone getting started in the world of writing and art. Jode is a great speaker and explained complicated topics in a way that you can understand. Jode delivered and more - she answered specific questions and ensured we understood. Thank you for this great session, I enjoyed it!" —Miriam Mayer, Gwinnett County Public Library

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