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The Paperback and eBook second editions of the multi-award winning THE MIDNIGHT CALL are being released this fall. Follow me on social media for the cover reveal!

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Being a Good Samaritan is hazardous.
Amid a violent Hudson Valley thunderstorm, Jessie Martin discovers a woman lying unconscious in a roadside ditch. The badly beaten victim, Lissie Sexton, a local prostitute, claims she's escaped the attack of a killer.
Jessie's more than a casual driver who passes by; she's a criminal-defense attorney. And Lissie is more than an ordinary hooker. She's the key witness in a cold case under investigation by Jessie's estranged longtime friend, Detective Ebony Jones.
And now Ebony can't find her witness. Jessie's new boss has sent Lissie into hiding. If Jessie reveals Lissie's location she compromises her client, her firm and her professional ethics. If she doesn't, she risks alienating not just Ebony but the entire police department backing her.  






"A worthwhile beach read for summer vacation."—USA Today Network
"In this ambitious sequel, Millman certainly doesn't skimp on the action – every page seems to reveal a new drama or explain an old one, and the tale's pace never lags."—Kirkus Reviews
"Hooker Avenue is a solidly intriguing mystery, and the author does an excellent job of creating compelling characters that draw the reader into the narrative."—The BookLife Prize 

"Jode Millman's second book in the Queen City Crime Series is an intriguing and suspenseful police procedural. It's inspired by the crimes of serial killer Kendall Francois, christened the "Poughkeepsie Killer" by the press, who murdered eight sex workers before he was caught in 1998. Blending the genres of thriller, romance, and mystery with suspense, relationships, crime, office politics, courtroom drama, and high stakes, this book will keep you engaged and entertained while giving you a fascinating look into how these complicated investigations unfold."—Chronogram Magazine
 "HOOKER AVENUE is great for anyone searching for a fast-laced crime novel....Full of action, mystery and the search for a serial killer, HOOKER AVENUE is ideal for fans of Law & Order and Criminal Minds." —Booktrib.com
"Loved it! Jessie Martin is an eager lawyer who wants to help those in need, but when a victim comes between her and a new job, something's gotta give! Kudos, Madam Millman, for another great piece. You are evolving as the series progresses and I hope things continue to advance accordingly."—Matt Pechey@Reedsy.com
" Just like in horror films, when the eerie music starts and the main character heads directly into the danger zone, author Jodé Millman delivers a spine-tingling opening chapter in Hooker Avenue. Hooker Avenue delivers a riveting thriller with solid characters ready to go the distance. FIVE STARS"—NovelsAlive.com
"Sharp writing and well-honed characters make this nearly four-hundred-page read a one-sitting page-turner. From the police station to the courtroom to Hooker Avenue the suspense never slows as characters work to find footing in their personal lives while searching for a brutal serial killer."—Nesiesplace.com

"Hooker Avenue by Jode Millman intrigued me right from the word go. Written by an attorney, the story is based on a true crime committed a few decades ago. Jode Millman has brought all her experience to the table and written a highly credible story with believable, likable characters. This is a many-layered story and if you love police procedurals and true crime stories, you'll love this one."—Readersfavorite.com



"So many skeletons are banging on the closet doors to be set free, in this heady mix of sizzle, punch, and danger.  And, even more intriguing, it's all based on a true crime."--Steve Berry, International and New York Times bestselling author of The Omega Factor


"Jode Millman's HOOKER AVENUE is a terrific follow-up to her first novel. With her intimate knowledge of the law and her meticulous eye for detail, Millman creates an immersive and unexpected story. If you love police procedurals, you'll devour this book!" -- Karen Dionne, USA Today and #1 International Bestselling Author of The Marsh King's Daughter


 "Dark, dangerous and deviously suspenseful, Hooker Avenue kept me turning pages late into the night. I adored the fascinating cast of characters and the rich Hudson Valley setting. A truly terrific book!"-- Alison Gaylin, USA Today Bestselling, and Edgar Award-winning author of The Collective

"Seemingly disparate storylines converge and surprise in Millman's second Jessie Martin novel. This outstanding exploration of the legal system and those it leaves behind is also jam-packed with enough suspense and to keep you turning pages well into the night."--Edwin Hill, author of The Secrets We Keep

"Hooker Avenue is a satisfying and twisty tale of estranged female friends, one a lawyer and one a cop, who are forced to collaborate when a serial killer menaces their community. Jodé Millman atmospherically weaves a tale of two cities: today's down-on-its-luck Poughkeepsie filled with bottom-rung prostitutes and their clients, and the grand boulevards and mansions of its former Dutch and French settlers.  Crime fiction at its best!"--Deborah Goodrich Royce, author of Ruby Falls


Great sequel! Another fast-paced and entertaining procedural by Millman who is adept at creating beautifully flawed characters you want to root for despite their failings. Reading about the continuing journeys of Jesse, Hal, and Ebony was like visiting old friends. Can't wait for the next book in the series! --Jerri Williams - Retired FBI Agent, Author and Host of the "FBI Retired Case Review" Podcast. 


"HOOKER AVENUE is great for anyone searching for a fast-laced crime novel....Full of action, mystery and the search for a serial killer, HOOKER AVENUE is ideal for fans of Law & Order and Criminal Minds." —Booktrib.com


"Calling all true crime and murder mystery fans! If you've been looking for your next fix, this book (HOOKER AVENUE) is perfect for you. Inspired by a true story, the second installment of Queen City Crimes is a gripping, shocking tale that will leave you itching for more. Jodé Millman's use of suspense and vivid imagery of the characters' journeys allows for deep immersion and investment"—Thewritingbarn.com 




Purchase a Signed Copy of HOOKER AVENUE for $16.95 plus postage ($4.25) via PayPal. (US ONLY)
For orders outside the US, please email me through the contact page.


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